The WRC can control airflow from 1024 different wireless dampers installed on ceiling diffusers or registers. Each damper is programmed from the WRC with a Zone number from 1 to 32 and an Address from 1 to 32. Typically, a single WRC would control up to 32 different diffusers or dampers with the same Address. If more than 32 diffursers need to be controlled in a single building, work spaces or floors in that building could be assigned to different Addresses and another WRC used for that floor or work space.

The actuator/damper can be digitally set to any airflow from 0% (fully closed) to 100% (fully open) using the WRC. The remote remembers the setting for each zone when the zone is selected.

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PDFUser Manual (PDF – 1.25MB)
PDFSpecification (PDF – 823KB)

Regulator Dials - AR1