In the project highlighted here, we worked with a globally recognized HVAC manufacturer to develop a custom motorized radial damper. Although radial dampers are not uncommon, motorized units are, as well as the size requirements of this project. These factors combined, presented a number of significant challenges and would put to the test our team’s ability to deliver an innovative, cost effective solution.

At just 6″ in diameter and overall dimensions of 6.375″ x 6.5625″ X 3.25″, this project would require us to heavily modify one of our standard products and manufacture a number of custom components, all assembled to very tight tolerances. It would also have to provide robust performance and deliver a long service life, while complying with stringent budgetary requirements.

We engineered a design with power open and spring close operation, utilizing a 24 VAC synchronous motor to drive the damper actuation. The damper blades were precision laser cut from a larger unit and mounted on a central hub. The unit is composed of high quality 24 gauge galvanized steel which provides an elevated level of corrosion resistance as well as high strength. Through the efforts of our skilled staff, and equipment such as tubular riveters and various types of precision fabrication systems, we were able to meet all of the design criteria.

After only ten days and extensive testing and validation, the first units were delivered to the customers Wooster, Ohio location, where they were successfully integrated into a larger assembly. In the end, the customer was very pleased with our ability to provide them with an economical solution for this project. We are now in contract to manufacture 1,000 units with more to come.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to complete it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Name & Description

Special damper for Carrier

Capabilities Applied/Processes

CAD drawings, Laser cutting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Laser, tubular riveter

Overall Part Dimensions

6.375″ x 6.5625″ X 3.25″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

24 gauge galvanized steel

Material Finish

Plain galvanized

Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed



1,000 by first quarter of 2018

Delivery/Turnaround Time

10 days

Delivery Location

Wooster Ohio 44691

Standards Met