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Get Your ROI Instantly with HVAC Zoning
* HVAC can range from 40% to 75% of a monthly utility bill, depending on your location and time of year.
* Test studies have shown zoning with setback to save on average 20%-30%
* Average 2,000sq. ft. home is estimated from $3,000 to $5,000 professionally installed.
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Custom HVAC Damper Design Capabilities

Custom HVAC Damper Design Capabilities

Alan Manufacturing, Inc., through its nearly quarter century existence, has designed over 1,000 different product's including all standard HVAC dampers, related hardware, duct supports and zone control systems as well as specialized items that meet the needs of its customers.

If a special item is not in our catalog, we will utilize our ability to build the tooling to manufacture it for you because your success is our success!

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