HVAC systems are essential for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings alike. In all of these settings, HVAC systems provide reliable airflow to maintain appropriate temperatures and air quality.

For over three decades, Alan Manufacturing has delivered premium HVAC products and fabrication to help clients meet these needs. We specialize in affordable dampers that offer complete control over temperature and flow rate. We also offer a full range of associated hardware ranging from screws and gaskets to damper blades and control units. Whether your project calls for standard hardware or fully-custom dampers, Alan Manufacturing can develop a solution for you.

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The acronym broadly refers to systems that move, filter, heat, or cool air to regulate the indoor environment. An efficient HVAC system allows for responsive temperature control while also regulating humidity and pollutant content. Equipment such as condensers, boilers, dampers, and pumps work together to circulate clean air at the right temperature.

At their most basic, HVAC systems draw air in at one point and release it at another. To cool a building, the system captures warm air, removes the heat and moisture, and then pushes the cool air back into the room. To heat a building, the system does the opposite, capturing warm air and moving it into a cool room. This may require directing the air through a boiler or furnace to raise its temperature. In addition to maintaining temperature and moisture levels, HVAC systems also exchange and filter air to maintain a fresh, breathable environment.

HVAC Products

Alan Manufacturing offers a full catalog of HVAC products and components that help clients meet their air quality needs. We primarily focus on damper systems, both motorized and manual, and their associated components. However, we also offer ducts, general hardware, and other essential HVAC components.

Damper Systems
Dampers work as valves to direct air through ducts. Dampers confer greater control over airflow, allowing users to create distinct heating and cooling zones that can be controlled independently of one another. These zones eliminate over-cooling or over-heating by directing energy exactly where it is needed at any given moment. Not only does this maximize comfort, but it also saves energy and limits unnecessary wear on equipment. Our zone control dampers are efficient and reliable, offering intuitive features like indicator lights to improve usability.

Motorized Damper Systems & Products
Motorized dampers move automatically in response to a thermostat or other control unit. Alan Manufacturing’s motorized damper systems are available with either wireless or wired zone control systems, with several options for remote-controls, thermostats, and manual wall controls. Our wireless remotes can control up to 32 dampers in 5% increments. Occupancy sensors are also available to shut off airflow when rooms are vacant.

The full line of motorized damper products includes:

  • Wireless Zone Control Systems
  • Wired Zone Control systems
  • Modulating Damper Systems
  • Manual Wall Controls
  • Thermostats
  • Zone Control Panels
  • Dual-Flow Motorized Dampers
  • Motorized Round Tube/Collar Dampers
  • Motors
  • Occupancy Sensors

Manual Damper Systems & Products
Manual dampers respond to changes in air pressure or volume, but they are not linked to thermostats like motorized systems. Alan Manufacturing offers flexible cable damper systems that can be installed where motorized systems are impractical. Barometric bypass and volume dampers are also available in a variety of configurations, with convenient pre-assembled options available alongside individual components.

Our catalog of manual damper systems and products includes:

  • Manual Damper Tube Assemblies
  • Barometric Bypass Dampers
  • Cable Controlled Volume Dampers
  • Volume Dampers

Dampers & Hardware
We offer a full range of stock and custom damper blades and damper hardware in a variety of sizes. Both round and rectangular blades are available, with options to suit varied industrial, residential, and commercial needs. Compatible hardware and regulator dials are also available to match all systems.

Options include:

  • Damper Blades
  • Damper Hardware (including clips, nuts, washers, bolts, nails, saddles, clamps, and pipe sleeves)
  • Regulator Dials and Saddle Regulators (including associated bearings, bushings, and pins)

Other Products
Additional products are available to mount and maintain HVAC systems, including:

  • Mounting and Support Steel Rings
  • “r” Hooks
  • Gaskets
  • Gaskets Tapes
  • Duct Supports
  • Duct Mufflers
  • DryBox, DryerELL Duct Elbows
  • DRYFlexâ„¢ Ducts
  • Flow Regulators

Alan Manufacturing would be happy to help you select the components that best suit your facility’s needs.

Benefits and Advantages of HVAC Systems

Controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality protects both a building’s contents and its occupants. As a result, HVAC units are not only beneficial but necessary for many structures. Investing in a high-quality HVAC system offers advantages such as:

  • Comfort. Modern HVAC units heat evenly to minimize temperature fluctuations. They also offer adjustable airflow so that users can customize the environment to suit their preferences. Combined with effective moisture control, these capabilities ensure rooms are kept as comfortable as possible.
  • Reliable Air Quality. HVAC units effectively filter allergens, pollutants, dust, and other unwanted particles from the air they circulate. This is possible even in challenging industrial settings with heavy pollutants. Whatever the conditions, a well-designed HVAC system ensures a consistent supply of clean, breathable air.
  • Customization. Today’s HVAC units can be customized to suit any layout and operating conditions. From hardware and positioning to automated functionality, manufacturers can provide a system tailored to your unique constraints. This maximizes return on investment, ensuring that each system performs optimally for its environment.
  • Minimal Environmental Impact. Technologies like occupancy sensors and automated scheduling ensure that HVAC systems only run when necessary, reducing energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Dampers can also be used to establish independent climate zones, eliminating energy wasted to heat unused or already-warm rooms. Not only have these advances made systems greener, but they have also reduced operating costs and decreased wear on machines.
  • Quiet. Even with their significant performance improvements, new HVAC units are still far quieter than old models. This means that comfort no longer comes at the expense of a tranquil environment. In industrial settings, it also improves employee safety by reducing ambient noise in already-loud facilities.

To get the most value from your HVAC system, it is important to select equipment that fits your facility. Alan Manufacturing is happy to customize individual components or full systems to suit any installation.

Custom Air HVAC Products and Systems From Alan Manufacturing

HVAC systems are essential for maintaining safe and comfortable interiors, whether in shops, factories, or homes. Dampers and zone control units have made HVAC units even more effective, allowing for intelligent airflow that reduces waste and enhances comfort.

For three decades, Alan Manufacturing has been dedicated to quality in HVAC manufacturing. Our ducts, dampers, and hardware have been designed to meet the diverse needs of international clients. In addition to stocking thousands of standard components, we also fulfill custom orders ranging from minor modifications to fully unique systems. We specialize in custom damper assemblies, duct systems, and HVAC components for new and existing installations.

Working from our 100,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility, we take custom orders from concept to fruition, regardless of complexity. Our capabilities include CAD drafting, tooling manufacture, high-precision laser cutting, and rigorous process testing. Drawing on these capacities, we deliver custom units in accordance with strict timelines, budgets, and quality standards.

For more information about our HVAC products and capabilities, contact our team today.