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eControls Thermostat Model: T200WL01


Operation: Automatically controls airflow based on temperature setting, space temperature and supply air temperature

Airflow Control: 100% to 0% or minimum airflow set by mechanical stop on the damper actuator.

Zones: 32 different zones or dampers

Addresses: 32 different addresses for different departments, groups, or floors

Schedule Mode: Programmable start and stop times for daytime operation using automatic airflow control based on temperature setting.

Hold Mode: Automatic airflow control based on temperature setting 24/7.


Install the TS01 Temperature Sensor to detect heating or cooling mode when using the T200WL01 Wireless Thermostat to control airflow


PDF info:


PDFUser Manual (PDF - 747KB)
PDFSpecification (PDF - 340KB)
PDFInstallation (PDF - 459KB)


PDFInstallation (PDF - 60KB)

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