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Wireless Damper A80-WL System



  • Control airflow from a ceiling diffuser, register or grill.
  • Wireless control using the wireless remote or wireless thermostat


  • Improves comfort by eliminating overcooling and overheating
  • Saves energy by automatically directing over-conditioned airflow to other areas
  • Saves energy by reducing airlfow to spaces not being used
  • Damper slips into diffuser collar between the flex duct drop and ceiling diffuser, or in flex duct run
  • A Remote controls up to 32 different AZRD-A80WL Dampers. A Wireless Thermostat controls one or more AZRD-A80WL Dampers controlling airflow to a space where the thermostat is located
  • Multiple dampers can be powered by a single 24VAC transformer installed in the ceiling space
  • Mechanical Closed position limit can be used to insure minimum airflow

Motor Information:

A80WL Motor


Compatible Controls:

WRC Remote Control

WRC Remote Control Wand

T200WL Thermostat

T200WL Thermostat

TS01 Temperature Sensor (installs with T200WL Thermostat)

T200WL Thermostat

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