Staying Ahead of the Competition by Participating in Premier Trade Shows of Our Niche

Here at Alan Manufacturing we are continuing our tradition of commitment to excellence by attending the Service World Expo and Comfortech.

Although it is sometimes thought that conventional tradeshows and seminars are tedious and often rehash the same material, these two fall events that we will be presenting at are very different. Service World Expo and Comfortech offer unique advantages to their networks.

How Comfortech & the Service World Expo Will Provide a Competitive Edge to Alan Manufacturing:

Comfortech held over the 19th to 22nd of September, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, is labelled a contractors delight. It is learning intensive and features some of the most experienced individuals from the service contracting arena. Covering topics like connected homes, green technology, the economics of effective contracting and marketing strategies, its two key note speeches and six session tracks will contribute significantly to Alan Manufacturing’s 2017 goals and long term vision.

Organized by Service Nation Inc. in partnership with The ACHR News, Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, and Reeves Journal, the Service World Expo will stretch over 26th and 27th of October. Boasting a novel format that focuses on fostering relationships between distributors and manufacturers, the event will turn the concept of a trade show on its head. Most seminars and conventions lose out the opportunity to capitalize on targeted leads who take the trouble to show up and declare their interest in the niche because the protocol dictating distributor (attendee) and manufacturer (exhibitor) interactions is restrictive.  However, the Service World Expo breaks barriers by allowing all participants and attendees to dine together, attend brainstorming sessions, exchange new ideas and perspectives and learn about new technological advancements. Educational content around team building is also disseminated. It is mingling that forges bonds of trust, helping both parties secure reliable partners to succeed with.

Alan Manufacturing Inc. hopes to emerge better connected and primed from its participation so that it can serve its varied clientele of residential, commercial and industrial HVAC dealers and distributors with even greater competence.

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