The US HVAC Industry in 2018: Every Reason to be Optimistic

The 2008 recession hit HVAC hard. But the recovery has been solid with more momentum expected in the coming months.

HVAC sales are largely comprised of new commercial and residential installations and change outs of legacy systems with maintenance doing its part.

Real estate experts believe that 2018 will see at least 1.33 million residential housing starts. Coupled with the fact that a record number of housing permits have been issued from the municipal offices in 2017, the scenario bodes well for HVAC businesses.

The commercial sector will see growth as well, given the larger order values and the more expensive equipment. The 2.4% rise in construction in the hotel space and the 1.1% increase in industrial buildings will make significant contributions towards the net revenue of the sector.

Last but not the least, the anticipation around movement triggered HVAC and sensor enhanced systems (or smart HVAC systems) will imbue many households – especially those headed by Millennials – with purchase intent, even if the existing set-ups are satisfactory.

Alan Manufacturing’s Promise to HVAC Businesses:

Every obstacle is followed by opportunity.

As the lingering effects of recession dissipate, HVAC players now have the chance to present themselves as innovators and reliable partners for families and organizations alike.

Partners who work behind the scenes to make lives that much easier.

Alan Manufacturing Inc. has been assisting some of the most renowned names in HVAC for 25 years. We have designed thousands of custom products and offer excellent retrofitting, upgrade, replacement, repair and maintenance services. Collaborating with us is a “breeze”!

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Smart Homes and the HVAC Industry

Here at Alan Manufacturing, our aim is to create a strong presence in the smart homes industry. Smart homes are rapidly expanding across the country, allowing homeowners to control and adjust things like air conditioning or heat while away from home. They are able to do this through apps on a smart phone, making regulating the home easier than ever before. We are currently compiling an inventory of Wi-Fi enabled systems to assist with these smart home requirements.

Intelligent HVAC systems have already altered the way things have been done in the past. Now, the HVAC industry is one of the fastest growing technologically advancing industries. As HVAC systems and controls advance, they also become more efficient. Homeowners are now able to govern much more than just their security systems with their smart phones.

Integrated HVAC systems are a growing trend as they are being incorporated into new buildings. This means HVAC systems are now being tied into the mechanical systems of a building. Today, owners can control and monitor lights, water, and even security, all from one panel in a central location. It’s convenient and works with an easy to use platform.

HVAC goes mobile with smart solutions that allow homeowners to use apps that let them to control their HVAC systems and they can also alert them to preventative maintenance. With all these new improvements and advancements, HVAC technicians will need to be trained even more to understand how these systems work and to be able to assist homeowners. Any homeowner who is looking into getting a new HVAC system should take a look at, and get familiar with the newest, most innovative products on the market.

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