Alan Manufacturing Celebrates National Manufacturing Day Friday, October 6th!

National Manufacturing Day (NMD) is full of notoriety for modern-day manufacturing and is not just designed to highlight all those in the sector and their accomplishments, but also to inspire and help secure the next generation. Companies and various community organizations start well ahead in the planning of their participation, and one of the important steps in doing so is registering on the official site where events can be marked as public or invitation-only.

The annual recognition is of the utmost importance to the team here at Alan Manufacturing. For over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured HV/AC dampers, related hardware, duct supports and zone control systems as well as specialized items that meet the wide variety of needs of our valued customers. In celebrating this day, we not only acknowledge our contributions but the contributions of all of those around us–friends and partners alike in industry.

On Friday, Oct 6, 2017, NMD will highlight more than 2,100 American manufacturers, with many opening their doors to the public in order to showcase the manufacturing sector and, importantly, to inspire America’s youth to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. Alan Manufacturing understands how vital it is to motivate our younger generations to graduate in science, technology, engineering, and math, as these students are the ones who will power future American production and innovation. Our goal is to help in ensuring the whole industry will continue to not just survive but prosper in our great country. Alan Manufacturing is fully behind NMD initiatives including the bridging of the skills gap, the promotion of STEM subjects, the reshoring of industry back to the U.S. and more.

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Happy National Manufacturing Day 2017 from Alan Manufacturing!

STEM Education, Women in STEM and the Skills Gap

STEM education is an important aspect of our industry and the manufacturing industry in general. Keeping our youth interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics speaks directly to the future of the manufacturing industry.

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While it is important that everyone have an understanding of STEM, there has been a recent push to get girls interested in STEM education and careers. Women make up for at least 50% of university students, however on 20% graduate with STEM qualifications. Upon looking further into the issue, you will find that about 86% of engineers and 74% of computer professionals are men. So, where does that leave women? Why is there such an imbalance? According to Professor Emesto Reuben from Columbia Business School, there are experiments and studies showing that hiring managers “possess an extraordinary level of gender bias when making decisions and filling positions…”.

There is a lot of discussion in the manufacturing industry regarding a skills gap, and the inability to find qualified employees, however these numbers tell a different story. Is the skills gap something that could be fixed by a commitment to advancing women’s careers in STEM industries?

What are your thoughts? Have you found that these examples ring true in your experience? Here at Alan Manufacturing we think that discussions regarding these issues are important for everyone to participate in. Let’s get the conversation going!

The Importance of STEM Education

With American manufacturing back and projected to keep growing, one of the major topics in the industry is the skilled worker shortage.  It seems that where there weren’t many jobs a decade ago, there are now plenty of good manufacturing jobs, but not enough skilled people to fill them.

One of the major focuses right now in our country STEM education.  Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) form the basis of any well rounded education and career-training, and yet, many American children and teens are lacking these fundamentals.  According to this article, advanced manufacturers are desperately looking to fill positions with people who have the right STEM skills.  And a recent report suggested that greater support and training in STEM areas could help fill positions throughout the country.

The federal government, seeing the obvious need for a greater push toward SEM education among young Americans, is doing its part as well. In a recent article on the subject, it was said that “efforts include preparing and recruiting 100,000 new STEM teachers and opening opportunities to get more younger students interested in STEM.”  According to the White House’s deputy director for technology and innovation, “We have open jobs. We could be hiring more people if we had workers.”

So it stands to reason that if there aren’t enough skilled young people, and that young people with STEM skills are what employers want and need, then we, as a country, should be pushing our kids toward this.  One way is for parents to ingrain in children the importance of these skills for everyday life, as well as for their futures. Another is for both parents and educators to show the fun side of science and math—after all, robots, space ships, and video games all rely on these fundamentals.

As a manufacturer, we see the need every day, and we also see the career practicality. Each of our new employees is given a math test, and those who do well advance more quickly and inevitably earn more money.

While change isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, we can all help move the next generation in the right direction.