Alan Manufacturing Celebrates National Manufacturing Day Friday, October 6th!

National Manufacturing Day (NMD) is full of notoriety for modern-day manufacturing and is not just designed to highlight all those in the sector and their accomplishments, but also to inspire and help secure the next generation. Companies and various community organizations start well ahead in the planning of their participation, and one of the important steps in doing so is registering on the official site where events can be marked as public or invitation-only.

The annual recognition is of the utmost importance to the team here at Alan Manufacturing. For over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured HV/AC dampers, related hardware, duct supports and zone control systems as well as specialized items that meet the wide variety of needs of our valued customers. In celebrating this day, we not only acknowledge our contributions but the contributions of all of those around us–friends and partners alike in industry.

On Friday, Oct 6, 2017, NMD will highlight more than 2,100 American manufacturers, with many opening their doors to the public in order to showcase the manufacturing sector and, importantly, to inspire America’s youth to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. Alan Manufacturing understands how vital it is to motivate our younger generations to graduate in science, technology, engineering, and math, as these students are the ones who will power future American production and innovation. Our goal is to help in ensuring the whole industry will continue to not just survive but prosper in our great country. Alan Manufacturing is fully behind NMD initiatives including the bridging of the skills gap, the promotion of STEM subjects, the reshoring of industry back to the U.S. and more.

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Happy National Manufacturing Day 2017 from Alan Manufacturing!

Celebrate U.S. Manufacturing Every Day, Not Just One Friday in October!

Each year, the U.S. celebrates “National Manufacturing Day” on the first Friday of October. With the number of manufacturing jobs being added across the country, and with “reshoring” on the rise, the manufacturing industry has earned the right to celebrate. This year, “National Manufacturing Day” is officially set for Friday, October 2nd, but at Alan Manufacturing Inc. we believe the success of U.S. manufacturing industries should be celebrated all the time – not just one Friday in October!

There are many positive reasons to celebrate, but take a look at the two that stand out to us most this year!

  • Reshoring: its many benefits for U.S. manufacturing industries

The benefits of “reshoring,” or companies that have been moving their manufacturing operations back to the U.S. after outsourcing overseas, are being felt in just about every manufacturing industry. According to a recent report, “Offshoring is fading and reshoring is making gains.” The same report shares, “The reshoring trend is being driven by a combination of factors [including economic uncertainty in China] […] the continuing challenge of managing long-distance supply chains; the ready availability of abundant low-cost energy in the United States… and the significantly higher productivity of the U.S. labor force.”

Which brings us to our second reason to celebrate this year!

  • More manufacturing jobs

In recent months, there are more manufacturing jobs being added here in the, meaning the manufacturing sector is growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says more than 15,000 net new workers were added to manufacturers’ payrolls in the month of July. It’s also important to note that the pace of job growth is quickening. The July increase in jobs was the fastest pace in six months.

There are many more reasons why U.S. manufacturing should be celebrated every day of the year, and as a proud producer of custom damper/duct products, we’d be happy to tell you more! Reach out to us at Alan Manufacturing through our website, or call us at 800-435-2526. We look forward to hearing from you soon! In the meantime, enjoy “Manufacturing Day” on October 2nd and every day on!