The Benefits of Manual Damper Control Systems

Proper damper control is extremely important in regulating the flow of air inside a duct. In many applications, HVAC contractors are able to install an automatic motorized system. Unfortunately, not all installations can accommodate an automatic damper, or, it isn’t the best application. In cases such as these, manual cable drive systems are the perfect solution.

Interest in manual cable drive systems is becoming increasingly popular. During construction, they install quickly and easily reducing time and cost. Manual drive systems work with round, oval, or rectangular shaped components. We can even custom build the damper tube or attach it to your fitting. Unlike motorized control systems, there is no need to build accessibility into the project. Manual control systems won’t ever need replacing.

Featuring a flexible cable and wire that can be routed around electrical conduit, piping, or any other obstruction, the rotary-to-linear mechanical actuator assembly sets the damper in position for preciseness and dependability. The cable can be as long as needed for easy control. We are also working on developing a central control center for the cables where damper adjustment will be as easy as turning a knob!

Manual control is the ideal option for consumers who want to have more control over airflow and a motorized system isn’t practical. Motors are often placed on the outside of the ducts making them inaccessible and difficult to control or replace.

An ALAN Manufacturing Cable Damper System includes:

  • An assembled ALAN Actuator and push/pull sleeved cable providing rotary actuation with a simple turning motion
  • Standard 42” of sleeved cable with end units for easy attachment to the adjustment lever of the damper blade (can be made available in longer custom lengths)
  • Cable mounting support to mount the cable to the casing of the damper

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The US HVAC Industry in 2018: Every Reason to be Optimistic

The 2008 recession hit HVAC hard. But the recovery has been solid with more momentum expected in the coming months.

HVAC sales are largely comprised of new commercial and residential installations and change outs of legacy systems with maintenance doing its part.

Real estate experts believe that 2018 will see at least 1.33 million residential housing starts. Coupled with the fact that a record number of housing permits have been issued from the municipal offices in 2017, the scenario bodes well for HVAC businesses.

The commercial sector will see growth as well, given the larger order values and the more expensive equipment. The 2.4% rise in construction in the hotel space and the 1.1% increase in industrial buildings will make significant contributions towards the net revenue of the sector.

Last but not the least, the anticipation around movement triggered HVAC and sensor enhanced systems (or smart HVAC systems) will imbue many households – especially those headed by Millennials – with purchase intent, even if the existing set-ups are satisfactory.

Alan Manufacturing’s Promise to HVAC Businesses:

Every obstacle is followed by opportunity.

As the lingering effects of recession dissipate, HVAC players now have the chance to present themselves as innovators and reliable partners for families and organizations alike.

Partners who work behind the scenes to make lives that much easier.

Alan Manufacturing Inc. has been assisting some of the most renowned names in HVAC for 25 years. We have designed thousands of custom products and offer excellent retrofitting, upgrade, replacement, repair and maintenance services. Collaborating with us is a “breeze”!

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2017 HVAC Industry Overview

As 2018 is on the horizon, we’re taking a look back at 2017 and all that both our business and the industry has accomplished throughout the past year. Topics that came from hot industry discussions and present matters at hand include: the effectiveness of HVAC systems, smart homes and technology, environmental and climate, YouTube video takeovers, and most recently, National Manufacturing Day.

From the start of the year, we’ve had our sights set on the smart homes industry. For the past several years, this has been a rapidly expanding industry. One of the biggest advancements in the field has been controlled settings through mobile/smart devices. We’ve all seen the commercials where you can control your garage doors, security systems, or light switches from miles and miles away. Now, this is applicable in regards to smart HVAC systems too. As HVAC systems and controls advance, they also become more efficient. Homeowners are now able to govern much more than what was capable in the past. And from the bottom up, HVAC systems are now being tied into the mechanical systems of a building.

Other initiatives that we took on this year were nationally recognized days like Earth Day and National Manufacturing Day. At Alan, we play a role in the design, creation, and implementation of energy efficient HVAC systems in commercial buildings. Ducts with air leaks can create polluted indoor air. This year our team has been exploring ways to make assemblies like this more robust and leak free.

Over Manufacturing Day (the first Friday of every October) we were able to address manufacturing industry-related issues that touch on the HVAC industry and all other industries across manufacturing. As field members, it is our duty to spread the word on causes like the skills gap, STEM education, and reshoring.

Our YouTube Videos on HVAC systems, equipment, services, and installation continued to receive bountiful views over the past 12 months. Alan experts speak to RF Zone Control Systems, Gladiola Control Kits, Retrofit Damper Installation Instructions, Zone Motorized Dampers, Wireless Zone Motorized Dampers featuring Radial Blades, Zone Motorized Dampers featuring Gasket Seals, ALAN Zone Round Power-Open Power-Close Modulating, and ALAN Zone Rectangular Frame Power-Open Power-Close, all in easily understandable video forms. Our experts also stressed the importance of fresh intake air handlers this year. This kind of system adds to the effectiveness of your business HVAC system.

Over the years our team has successfully designed over 1,000 different products including, but not limited to: HVAC dampers, HVAC hardware, duct supports, zone control systems, and custom projects. We are considered a leading supplier in the HVAC industry, and continually monitor the industry progressions within our field.

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From Alan Manufacturing, we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for a successful 2017. We wish you, your companies, and your families a very happy holiday season and we’ll see you next year!

Alan Manufacturing Celebrates National Manufacturing Day Friday, October 6th!

National Manufacturing Day (NMD) is full of notoriety for modern-day manufacturing and is not just designed to highlight all those in the sector and their accomplishments, but also to inspire and help secure the next generation. Companies and various community organizations start well ahead in the planning of their participation, and one of the important steps in doing so is registering on the official site where events can be marked as public or invitation-only.

The annual recognition is of the utmost importance to the team here at Alan Manufacturing. For over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured HV/AC dampers, related hardware, duct supports and zone control systems as well as specialized items that meet the wide variety of needs of our valued customers. In celebrating this day, we not only acknowledge our contributions but the contributions of all of those around us–friends and partners alike in industry.

On Friday, Oct 6, 2017, NMD will highlight more than 2,100 American manufacturers, with many opening their doors to the public in order to showcase the manufacturing sector and, importantly, to inspire America’s youth to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. Alan Manufacturing understands how vital it is to motivate our younger generations to graduate in science, technology, engineering, and math, as these students are the ones who will power future American production and innovation. Our goal is to help in ensuring the whole industry will continue to not just survive but prosper in our great country. Alan Manufacturing is fully behind NMD initiatives including the bridging of the skills gap, the promotion of STEM subjects, the reshoring of industry back to the U.S. and more.

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Happy National Manufacturing Day 2017 from Alan Manufacturing!

Staying Ahead of the Competition by Participating in Premier Trade Shows of Our Niche

Here at Alan Manufacturing we are continuing our tradition of commitment to excellence by attending the Service World Expo and Comfortech.

Although it is sometimes thought that conventional tradeshows and seminars are tedious and often rehash the same material, these two fall events that we will be presenting at are very different. Service World Expo and Comfortech offer unique advantages to their networks.

How Comfortech & the Service World Expo Will Provide a Competitive Edge to Alan Manufacturing:

Comfortech held over the 19th to 22nd of September, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, is labelled a contractors delight. It is learning intensive and features some of the most experienced individuals from the service contracting arena. Covering topics like connected homes, green technology, the economics of effective contracting and marketing strategies, its two key note speeches and six session tracks will contribute significantly to Alan Manufacturing’s 2017 goals and long term vision.

Organized by Service Nation Inc. in partnership with The ACHR News, Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, and Reeves Journal, the Service World Expo will stretch over 26th and 27th of October. Boasting a novel format that focuses on fostering relationships between distributors and manufacturers, the event will turn the concept of a trade show on its head. Most seminars and conventions lose out the opportunity to capitalize on targeted leads who take the trouble to show up and declare their interest in the niche because the protocol dictating distributor (attendee) and manufacturer (exhibitor) interactions is restrictive.  However, the Service World Expo breaks barriers by allowing all participants and attendees to dine together, attend brainstorming sessions, exchange new ideas and perspectives and learn about new technological advancements. Educational content around team building is also disseminated. It is mingling that forges bonds of trust, helping both parties secure reliable partners to succeed with.

Alan Manufacturing Inc. hopes to emerge better connected and primed from its participation so that it can serve its varied clientele of residential, commercial and industrial HVAC dealers and distributors with even greater competence.

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HVAC Industry Updates

With the days short and the nights long you might think that there isn’t much to report to HVAC industry leaders and consumers on, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! The industry is a dynamic commerce that everyone relies on most days throughout the year. As we finish out the winter months, HVAC systems keep us warm right up until the change in seasons.  In the spring and summer months we turn to HVAC systems to keep us comfortable and cool.

The ever growing industry is in demand for new structure increases,  along with a need for the components that make up the system. A new report from Frost & Sullivan finds that the global HVAC market is expected to grow $108.93 billion in 2020, up from the $80.67 billion in earned revenues in 2014. The growth trends are attributed to smart technologies and energy efficient requirements.

A recent AHR Expo survey found that 86% of respondents are confident that business will be good in 2016. This optimism spread to expected sales growth and a positive outlook for the industry. The best overall outlook for market segments in the coming year are listed as data and telecom centers, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

The HVAC industry seems to be in good shape and is expected to get even better as the year progresses forward. With construction starts picking up, the housing market continuing to recover, and the economy strengthening, we expect to see positive growth in equipment sales and systems.

As specialists in manufacturing customized products for the HVAC industry, Alan Manufacturing will be there to support the industry’s growth with the highest quality, 100% U.S. made components.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Prepare Now for Winter’s Coldest Weather

Preventative maintenance is an important element for keeping mechanical systems in good working order. Unfortunately, there are some maintenance jobs that are often overlooked, such as performing pre-season checks on heating systems and their components. In our area of expertise (ducts, dampers, and zone control systems) we understand the value of proper maintenance of all the components of heating systems to save energy and reduce costs.

In HVAC, improper ventilation and poorly working systems are leading causes for system malfunction and poor interior air quality. As winter approaches, now is the time to check heating system components to ensure their effectiveness to keep homes and businesses as energy efficient and healthy as possible during the coldest weather.

Components such as ducts and dampers need to be inspected for leaks, up-to-date code standards, and debris. Air ducts that are not sealed properly cause energy loss and lead to higher costs. Dampers can also be areas of heat loss if they are not seated properly and do not seal well. The DoE finds that 20% of the air in a home heating system can be lost because of leaks. Tightly sealed dampers and insulated ducts prevent heat loss and reduce energy bills.

HVAC systems can also act as a collection source for contaminants that have the potential to affect the health of a home’s occupants or employees working in commercial buildings. Contaminants found within ductwork can include mold, dust, bacteria, or fungi. Cleaning ducts and dampers within heating systems do more than just remove potential contaminants to improve air quality. Removing dirt that builds up during normal use allows the system to work more efficiently to maintain temperatures. HVAC cleaning improves airflow and increases energy efficiency.

Efficiency and effectiveness of heating systems is dependent on many factors. Now is the ideal time to make sure ventilation is running properly and ducts and dampers are clean and up to date.

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Don’t Get Boxed In—Learn About the Benefits of Customization

In HVAC system designing, it is often believed that choices are limited only to those components that are currently available in manufacturer’s catalogs or inventories. For many ordinary manufacturers that is true, that the only options they offer are what is found in their current stock. At Alan Manufacturing we are the extraordinary manufacturer whose capabilities allow us to provide specialty items and custom components.

As ventilation requirements and standards evolve, the ability to customize components becomes extremely important. HVAC systems are required to meet specifications for new construction and components for retrofitting, upgrading, replacing, repairing, and maintaining systems must also be able to meet code requirements. To do this it may be necessary to reconfigure components with new designs and out-of-the-box ideas.

Our 25+ years of manufacturing experience has given us the expertise to deliver custom, one-of-a-kind products to meet the specialized needs of our customers. We have designed and manufactured over 1,000 different products for customers located throughout North America. It is this flexibility and highly efficient manufacturing operation that enables us to be the leading supplier of custom HVAC equipment.

Featuring an inventory containing all standard HVAC dampers, related hardware, duct supports, and zone control systems, we also offer in-house tooling capabilities that enable us to build the tooling required to manufacture customized and specialized items.

As the specialists in customized damper and duct products, we continually monitor changes throughout the industry to respond to new requirements and changing environmental conditions. The engineers and HVAC specialists at Alan Manufacturing regularly work on new product designs to address these changes with the goal of outstanding interior air quality.

If you have an idea for an HVAC damper, duct system, or zone control system and can’t find what you want, give us a call! Our custom manufacturing capabilities will deliver the specialized items you need! Contact Alan Manufacturing at 1-800-435-2526, or through our website today to get the process started!

The Growth of the Internet of Things in the HVAC Industry

You’ve probably seen articles about the Internet of Things or IoT. But what is it? The Internet of Things is a network of devices that can share information and complete tasks while consumers go about other activities. For example, sprinkler systems could access weather forecasts to optimize the watering schedule.

When machines have the ability to communicate with each other, the machines can improve the efficiency of the tasks. This energy efficiency is the top reason consumers want IoT integration according to ThroughTek. The report found that one in three Americans surveyed believe the connected home will be achievable within the next year and 60% believe it will happen within the next five years.

The energy efficiency of IoT is a key factor for millennials according to the report as Americans are looking for ways to reduce the average yearly bill of $3,000. This can be incredibly important to the HVAC industry as new products are created. There are already companies like Nest are already offering consumers connected “smart” devices such as the thermostat that can be controlled from a mobile device. At ALAN Manufacturing we are exploring the Internet of Things and researching how it can be incorporated into our products and we will continue to follow this trend update our customers.

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ACCA 2014 and Alan Manufacturing

Each year, the entire Alan Manufacturing team gets excited to attend and exhibit at the annual Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) conference. We have always found that the ACCA Conference is the perfect place to meet up with all the biggest names in the HVACR contracting industry. This year is no different, and ACCA 2014 looks to be the biggest and best ACCA event ever. Being held at Nashville’s luxurious Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center March 17-20, ACCA 2014 will be jam-packed with learning labs, forums, parties, and of course the IE3 Expo.

For those who aren’t familiar with IE3, known formally as The Indoor Environment & Energy Expo, it is exhibition portion of ACCA2014. It is the “country’s largest…marketplace for the indoor environmental and energy services contacting industry. We are proud to be exhibiting our unique products and services from Booth #247 and would love to talk with you if have the chance to drop by! You can use both your computer and your phone to find our exact location on the expo floor thanks to the interactive ACCA2014 website. To top the entire event off, there will be an informative and exciting tour of Opryland’s intricate mechanical systems. That is something we are really looking forward to experiencing.

To learn more about ACCA2014 you can always visit their website or contact us Alan Manufacturing directly. We hope to see you at ACCA 2014 in Nashville!