Fresh Air Intake Handlers: How they Add to the Effectiveness of HVAC Systems

Almost 90% of the homes in the US and a large number of construction and industrial sites depend on HVAC systems of varying volumes and capacities to regulate the temperature and offer optimal living (or working) conditions to its dwellers and users.

HVACs are a boon of modern technology. They allow us to maintain a sacred sanctuary in our homes and offices – irrespective of the weather outside.

But there is a downside to their conveniences. Often the air can start to feel stale, unclean or humid. Diseases like common cold thrive in areas that are closely contained and sealed. If a space requires the operation of combustion appliances, HVAC systems might suck out the air in the rooms leaving them sputtering for oxygen.

An easy and affordable solution to these problems is the introduction of fresh air handling units. These units are responsible for adding controlled volumes of clean air to confined areas, diluting the staleness and supporting the HVAC set-up.

Impact of Fresh Air Intake Handlers on HVAC Enabled Sites:

First and foremost, Fresh Air Intake handlers replenish the supply of air in sealed off areas without exerting undue pressure on HVAC systems. They possess volume controllers and dampers that suck in only a given cubic feet per minute (cfpm) of fresh air based on the ability of the heating and ventilation set-up to handle it.

Second, they build up positive pressure within a room or a site. Since the pressure inside is greater than that outside, stray drafts do not wander in with pollutants and suspended particles. This is particularly useful when a location houses tools and equipment that should not come in contact with contaminated air.

Last but not the least, Fresh Air Intake Handlers improve the efficiency of combustion appliances by providing them with adequate oxygen to support the burning. For industrial purposes, this can make the difference between profitability and losses.

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