“Environmental and Climate Literacy” – Celebrate Earth Day 2017

Every April the world comes together to celebrate our planetary home and to remember that we all can make a direct impact 365 days a year by mindfully choosing eco-friendly products. We at Alan Manufacturing also do our part in designing and creating systems that are unparalleled in their energy efficiencies.

This is not limited to just the outside air. One of the issues we are currently working to rectify is in regards to positive pressure units. It has been seemingly inevitable that, over time, ducts will end up with air leaks, which results in a lack of proper pressure build-up. These days, modern homes are almost hermetically sealed so as to be well insulated enough to meet the requirements of new environmentally-friendly laws and regulations. The consequence can be that these tightly sealed homes will have poor ventilation due to the aforementioned leaks and pressure losses. (This is what can result in polluted indoor air.) Since Alan Manufacturing plays a part in these HVAC systems with metal sheet manufacturing, we’re currently exploring ways to make the assemblies more robust and, ideally, leak free. This will result in both cleaner indoor air and higher levels of efficiency- a win-win for all involved.

Over the years Alan Manufacturing, Inc. has designed over 1,000 different products including HVAC dampers, related hardware, duct supports and zone control systems as well as specialized items that not only meet the needs of our valued customers but those of Mother Earth as well.

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Happy Earth Day 2017 from Alan Manufacturing!