Alan Manufacturing’s 2017 Agenda

Over the past two and half decades, Alan Manufacturing has lived up to the promise of best in class HVAC dampers, related hardware, duct supports, zone control systems and specialized items to serve OEMs, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, and contractors.

2016 was a year of steady expansion in which our team set new goals to accommodate our long-term vision. We made sure to account for old and new trends like the phasing out of HFC refrigerants and the emergence of intelligent, integrated and mobile supported HVAC systems

In 2017 you will see us implement an agenda that will cover both consumer facing as well as administrative shifts. This will enable Alan to continue to cement our brand as an industry leader.

Capabilities Expansion:

Today, Alan Manufacturing is geared to invest in the construction of a new building for storage and distribution that will comply with regulatory mandates and possess advantages like motorized loading docks to allow faster shipping of consignments.

We will also be a part of the World Service Expo, slated to go live on September 7th, 2017. Annual trade show attendance offers brand exposure, powerful intelligence from service experts and further networking opportunities. Through each presentation and exhibition that the event organizes Alan Manufacturing will emerge with a better understanding of how we can continue to extend an even more productive and rewarding experience to our clientele.

Marketing Revamp & Strategic Upgrades:

On a proactive and public note, we offer education and priming through extensive and instructive YouTube videos.

This year Alan will also work towards making our presence in the Smart Homes industry, an area that is rapidly expanding. One new and big development in the field is the requirement of HVAC system control settings through smart devices. We intend to focus on compiling an inventory of Wi-Fi enabled systems that can help users do exactly that.

As we know, homeowners and HVAC buyers continue to face issues with positive pressure units. The Alan Manufacturing team will also be dedicating extended time to this over the coming year. Because the ducts often end up with leaks, they do not allow pressure to build. As a result, tightly sealed homes with polluted air cause detrimental side effects defeating the whole purpose of ventilation. Since Alan works on the metal sheeting for these set-ups, we’re looking to explore ways in which to make the assembly (especially the dampers) more robust.

How will these projects fare? What does HVAC have in store for users and vendors? For the latest updates, please follow Alan Manufacturing’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Happy New Year from the team here at Alan Manufacturing! We look forward to working with you and your needs throughout 2017!

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