How to Maintain HVAC Systems During the Off-Season

Is it spring yet? For some parts of the country this has been a brutal winter and it may not be completely over yet! Even though it may seem like summer will never get here, we know this isn’t the case. And, as we head toward warmer weather this is the ideal time to start thinking about off season maintenance of heating systems.

The value of preventative maintenance cannot be overstated. The idea is to prevent problems from happening by performing maintenance on machinery while it is still working. Sounds like a no-brainer, but it is something many companies and consumers often overlook, especially on seasonal equipment like furnaces and boilers that are not required year round.

The reason PM isn’t a standard procedure on heating equipment is because we don’t think about it when we don’t need it. That is why it is important to consider performing necessary maintenance of heating equipment now so that it will be in good working order for when the temperatures drop again.

The Home Energy Center offers these guidelines for an effective PM checkup on heating systems:

• Clean the burner assembly
• Remove any soot buildup
• Check and clean the humidifier
• Examine the heat exchanger for cracks
• Perform combustion analysis and adjust the fuel-to-air ratio of the burner
• Ensure system is functioning properly and safety controls are working
• Check electrical connections and components and replace, repair, or tighten where necessary
• Inspect for proper airflow through the ducts and change air filters
• Check that pumps are working, are lubricated, and flow rates are appropriate
• Inspect motors, clean, and lubricate
• Examine belts for tightness and alignment and adjust as necessary
• Inspect blowers and clean and balance if necessary

Performing off season maintenance won’t just ensure your heating system will be ready for use on the first cold day, it also increases the efficiency of system leading to lower energy bills and extends the life of your equipment.

Remember that the off season (spring, summer, and early fall) is the ideal time to inspect and ensure your heating system will be ready to keep you warm next winter! Contact the experts at Alan Manufacturing for further information.

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